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Our friendly, compassionate and competent staff is dedicated to you and will ensure your comfort and quality care. We provide the best and latest in technology and treatment options. We provide gentle, family-oriented care to the adults and children of our community and surrounding areas.

We look forward to welcoming you to our family. Our office is warm and inviting. You will always be greeted with a smile and treated with utmost dignity and respect. You will play an active role in your treatment and your voice heard when you have questions or concerns.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Bell for a few weeks now and he has helped so much! Not only did he figure out what was going on instantly but made sure I understood everything he said. Highly recommend his office.

Very different from other chiropractors. Cutting edge technology coupled with open office hours. After the first appointment I just walked in on a Monday morning and was adjusted immediately. Darren Bell really wants to make you better even if it means telling you he can't and referring you to a different specialist.

I was in a car accident and Dr. Bell has assisted me through the whole process. Dr. Bell is very personable and detail-oriented. Any time I had any questions or concerns he would always answer them. If he was unsure, he would look into it and always have an answer for me the next time I saw him. I have been seeing him for a few years now and would highly recommend anyone to him!!

Dr. Bell has been my go-to Chiropractor for many years. His ability to find “that spot” and correctly adjust it, making me feel so much better. I respect his dedication to improving his skills with further education and learning new treatment options. I will continue to be cared for by Dr. Bell.

Dr. Bell always has his patients best care and treatment option in mind, he’s a passionate and caring Dr that always puts his patients needs first. Thank you Dr. Bell for your continued treatment plans to help me get back my quality of life.

I have been to many chiropractor's in the past. Dr. Bell by far is the very best one. He takes the time to listen and explain things to you. He has the magic touch. I have recommend him to many of my friends And people I have met in physical therapy. Since I have been under his care my pain has subsided to the point that it is bearable.

Very friendly staff, great service, professional yet welcomes you like family. Clean offices! Highly recommend..

Dr. Bell is a very patient and kind chiropractor who takes the time to explain your care and to "keep in touch". I love the open appointment approach!

Very friendly Honest Caring and professional.

Fantastic visit as expected! Dr. Darren Bell is my go-to Dr. for pain and also lifestyle advice to keep me in the best of health always!!

Dr. Bell and Rixanne go beyond helping you deal with pain. They absolutely care about you.

Dr. Bell and his staff are caring, considerate and compassionate. They are there to help people and I would recommend this practice to my family and friends.

Very knowledgeable! I feel great!

Very comprehensive services. Kind and attentive personal approach. The staff is organized and proactive. Highly recommended.

I have been seeing Dr. Bell for at least 15 years. He has helped me control my headaches and migraines for years now. I saw him through two pregnancies without any concerns. Between Dr. Bell and Roxanne you are in good hands! He has adjusted both my children for a couple years as well. It is a great support to their health. My sons asthma has been under control since we added chiropractic care. I can't imagine not having him part of my families healthcare.

Dr. Bell always listens to my concerns. I never leave here feeling sore. The staff is very helpful.

Just walk in and you get in and out is a plus very little wait. Dr. Bell listens to your concerns and gives your that advice you need. But u do say a phone at the second place be a good idea.

Dr. Bell is one of the best chiropractors I've ever been to. I preferred not to be adjusted with neck manipulation and he was happy to accommodate me using a special tool (I call it the clicker). He is very thorough and answers all your questions. I have never been rushed and appreciate his genuine concern and empathy. His office staff is equally friendly and extremely helpful. I always leave refreshed and feeling 100% better!

Very helpful. If you ask questions he will. He explains everything to you. You are part of their family when you go to them.

Best Chiropractor I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. Typically I am in and out of his office within 20 minutes or less. No appointments necessary!! Just show up and get adjusted!! He has hours to fit any schedule, and I haven't even mentioned what a nice guy he is!

I get adjusted at Dr Bell's office and I love it! He works fast if you have a treatment plan. His adjustments make a huge difference in hips out of place, carpal tunnel, headaches and numb limbs for me. Even though the visits can be done quite fast, if there is something that needs to be talked about, he will slow down for you and hear you out. I really like that a lot.

I love not needing a specific appointment. You walk in and get seen in a few minutes. I feel great by the time I leave. I enjoy talking to Roxanne while I wait and Dr. Bell is awesome.

As a new patient, I was seen and evaluated quickly. Adjusted and a plan was put into place including what to do at home. Very pleased with visit, nice receptionist and Dr. Bell was great.

Dr. Bell has been helping me with my left shoulder. He is informative about what he's doing and takes time to listen.

I have been going to Dr. Bell for many years now, and I am very happy with my adjustments, he is a great chiropractor.

Dr. Bell is a kind, compassionate and knowledgeable doctor! I highly recommend him for your chiropractic needs.

Dr. Bell is knowledgeable and addresses every question and issue of the visit. Highly recommended.

Went to Bell Chiropractic several years ago and Dr. Bell fixed my problem. Just started going back last week. Looking forward to the relief he will hopefully give me.

Dr. Bell is knowledgable and helped enhance the healing of my two lumbar herniated discs! Very grateful for him.

I have been going to Dr. Bell at least 20 years now. He is fantastic. In the past I have been carried into his office and I have walked out. He never disappoints me in his service. I have referred him over the years to dozens and dozens of patients and they are all extremely happy. He is thorough in first exam and goes from there. Regular visits help with all body troubles. My 9 yr old grandson was a bed wetter. One visit with Dr. Bell and he has never done it again. He is 27 now. I recommend him to anyone from infant to my moms age of 99!

I feel so much better when I finish up with Dr. Bell. He is such a caring individual along with his staff. His laser treatment is wonders, I had laser done on my neck and shoulder due to arthritis back in March and haven't had a problem since. I noticed improvements on my knee, doesn't hurt as much when walking.

He is good at what he does. Has helped me with the problems I have.

I have been going to Dr. Bell for years. His office is clean, neat & very inviting. His staff is Top Notch! Dr. Bell is very intuitive & talented at his art and has a very professional, encouraging bedside manner! You will not regret your 1st visit to Bell Chiropractic!

My family loves Dr. Bell and his staff! I highly recommend him.