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My goal is to always use “best practices” care in everything that we do in the office.  That means I combine evidenced-based care with my twenty nine years of clinical experience and training to offer you the latest treatments and innovations in the chiropractic and non-surgical, drugless health care arenas.  

I am committed to always enhancing my knowledge and abilities.  My belief is that the learning should never end.  We can always learn more and do better.  To that end, I’m currently in the Primary Spine Practitioner (PSP) program at the University of Pittsburgh.  It’s an integrative program with a goal of educating primary spine practitioners to better treat and triage their patients.  Its a rigorous and challenging program but one that I am thoroughly enjoying and benefitting from.  More importantly, my patients will benefit from this too.  

How about you?  Are you suffering and in pain?  Maybe I can help.  Schedule an appointment online today!  

Dr. Darren Bell

PS We accept NYS Workers Compensation and No Fault (auto) accident insurance.  No referral necessary.  I have advanced credentials in injury care and I am Trauma-Certifed by the Academy of Chiropractic and Cleveland University (KC).  If you have beem n injured in a car or at work give us a call.  

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