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Car Crash

Have you been injured in a car crash?  If so, I’m sure that you have many questions.  Most important among them is likely where to go for care.  First of all, in many instances, your first stop should be the emergency department of your local hospital.  It’s important to know that all of your immediate needs have been attended to and that you are not in any immediate danger.  But then what?

My best advice is to call someone who has experience in treating and coordinating the care of patients who have been involved in trauma and car crashes.  I’ve been caring for folks injured in car crashes for almost thirty years.  I’m trauma-trained by the Academy of Chiropractic and have taken courses in MRI interpretation, MTBI care (concussions), accident reconstruction, and more in courses certified by the State University of NY Jacobs Scool of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.  I’m also concurrently participating in a Fellowship in Spinal Biomechanics and Trauma, as well as in a certification program in Primary Spine Care (PSP) at the University of Pittsburgh.  I’m also enrolled in a crash investigation program at Northwestern University.  My goal is to to have the most current and extensive knowledge, credentials and experience possible in traumatic spine care.  Even better, I also work with a “team” of providers in various medical specialties who stand ready to help me to help you, if necessary.

Injured?  I am ready, willing, AND qualified to help you.  Call us today. 

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