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Chiropractic First?

Should you see a chiropractor first after an injury or accident?  Do you need to see your primary care physician and get a referral?  These are two of the most common questions we hear from patients who have been injured in work related or automobile accidents.  

First off, at Bell Chiropractic Injury and Pain, we accept NYS Workers Compensation and No Fault (auto) accident insurance and a referral is NEVER necessary!  We are ready, willing AND qualified to care for you after an injury or an accident.  

Should you also see your primary care physician?  That’s up to you.  Many PMDs do not accept injury cases so be sure to check on that first.  Also, I am trained to properly triage patients who have been injured, and I routinely work with medical physicians of various disciplines when the need arises.  Injury care often “takes a village” of providers and I will refer you to another practioner when it’s needed.  

Injured?  Give us a call.  We accept NYS Workers Compensation and No Fault (auto) insurance without a referral.  We also care for many other patients who are in pain but were not in an accident.  Our mission is to help you get better!  Call us at 649-9200 or make an appointment right here on our website.  

Dr. Darren Bell

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