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Are you suffering and in pain?  Perhaps we can help!  Chiropractic offers a safe and effective way to ease many pain syndromes and return patients to a higher level of function.  Can chiropractic help you?  The truth is that we don’t know until after your consultation, examination, and any other necessary procedures that we will need to formulate a working diagnosis.  However, my promise to you is that I will either help you or get you to another provider who can.  I have extensive experience in the chiropractic field, with hundreds of hours of post-graduate education in areas like MRI interpretation, nutritional pain management and accident reconstruction.  In fact, I’m currently training at the University Of Pittsburgh in their esteemed Primary Spine Practioner Program (PSP) where I’m learning the latest cutting-edge ways to help my patients, while gaining more knowledge which will also allow me to more effectively triage the patients who need to see other practioners.  Interested in learning more?  Give us a call.  I will do my best to help YOU!  

Dr. Darren Bell

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