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Have you ever heard that “once you start going to a chiropractor, you have to keep going”?  It always makes me wonder how anyone can believe that!  It doesn’t make any sense when you stop to think about it.  The reality is that SOME people choose to keep going to a chiropractor even after their pain is gone.  That’s a personal decidion.  Do they “have” to?  Do I, as a provider, insist upon it?  Absolutely not.    

How long that you will benefit from chiropractic is entirely your decision.  I have some patients who only come to my office when they’re in pain and I always welcome them.  Others, choose to come for somewhat regular spinal care, often as a way to manage a chronic spinal problem without the use of drugs or surgery.  I welcome both just the same.  

My goal is to help you in the way that you want to be helped.  The bottom line is I strive to always be available when you need me.  That’s it!  Interested in chiropractic care?  Give us a call.  I look forward to meeting you!

Dr. Darren Bell

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