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I practice in Hamburg, NY, just outside of Buffalo.  In 2020, our county (Erie) had nearly twice as many opiate deaths as it had in 2019.  That is sad and tragic.  I cannot imagine the pain, suffering and loss that must exist behind those numbers and my heart goes out to all who have been effected by this tragedy.  Of course, we know that 2020 was a very difficult year and certainly that played a part in the increase in overdoses from opioids.  However, many people first get addicted to opiates when they receive a prescription from a doctor for some type of pain.  In many cases, this can be for a spinal problem, and often after motor vehicle crashes or work accidents.  

I’m proud to be a member of the world’s largest drugless healing profession.  For well over 25 years now I have been helping folks to get out of pain without the use of drugs or surgery.  How do we do this?  Well, it all depends.  It may be simply with chiropractic adjustments.  Or, we may utilize one of the various treatment modalities that we use in the office including non-surgical spinal decompression, Class 3B laser therapy, or  interferential electrotherapy just to name a few.  In some cases, I may even refer you to an outside medical provider when that’s necessary.  I have advanced training which helps me to be perfectly positioned to act as your primary spine care provider (please see my curriculum vitae which is available on this website).

Have you been injured?  Call us.  Perhaps we can help.  

Dr. Darren Bell

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