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Choosing the right type of doctor is perhaps the most important decision that you can make after a work accident or motor vehicle crash.  There are so many different options and providers of various different specialties.   How do you find the right doctor for you?

First of all, don’t choose your doctor exclusively by their terminal degree (i.e. MD, DC, DO, DPM, etc).  Within each degree cluster, you will find practitioners with varying levels of experience in caring for injured patients.  Secondly, find a provider who is trained in accident triage.  This means that you need a provider who not only knows how to care for you within a particular specialty but also one who knows who, when and where to refer patients when their needs go beyond what they can personally provide.  

I’ve been caring for injured patients for well in excess of 25 years.  I’m trauma trained by the prestigious Academy of Chiropractic and Cleveland University (KC).  I have advanced training in such diverse areas as MRI interpretation, crash reconstruction, MTBI diagnosis and care (concussions), electrodiagnosis (EMG/NCV) and more.  I also have a team of providers who I regularly refer patients to when necessary.  This includes MRI facilities and radiologists, neurologists, orthopedists, neurosurgeons, and more.  

The bottom line is I stand ready, willing AND qualified to care for you and your family after an accident.  Have you been injured?  Give us a call.  716-649-9200 or schedule an appointment right here on our website.  I look forward to meeting you.

Dr. Darren Bell

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