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I often hear patients in the office who say that they would “never have surgery” on their spine.  While I certainly understand the sentiment behind those words, its also important to recognize the necessary and vital role that surgery plays in the arena of spine care.  In some cases surgery isn’t only an option, its a necessity.  This can be due to progressive neurological loss, myelopathy or other complicating issues.  It’s not important that you know what any of that means.  It is, however, important that you get to a spine provider with the experience to triage your case to other providers when necessary.

Please review my CV which is available here on the website.  I have well over 25 years of clinical chiropractic experience in primary, non-surgical spine care, and regularly refer to providers in several different medical specialties when that is necessary.  Interested?  Give us a call. 

Dr. Darren Bell

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